Prior to arrival – important!

All teams (coach or manager) will receive an email with a link to the teams "team card". This MUST be filled out prior to arrival with the players' names, jersey number and a cellphone number to the coach of the team. This way we can ensure that the scoresheets automatically are filled out prior to each game and have the possibility to inform about any changes in the schedule.

Upon arrival

Please report to:

Aarhus Basketball Festivals Secretariat
Vejlby-Risskov Idrætscenter (The Sportscenter)
Vejlby Centervej 51, DK - 8240 Risskov.

Please ensure that only coaches and/or managers’ report to the Secretariat upon arrival.

Even if the team does not sleep or dine at our facilities, the team still needs to report to the Secretariat before going to the games.

The schools are not open for housing before Wednesday at around 17:00!


Opening hours:

Wednesday 15.00 - 23.00

Thursday and Friday 07.00 - 23.00

Saturday 07.00 - 15.00

Outside opening hours the Secretariat can be reached via phone nr. +45 61 40 98 67

The Secretariat can help with many practical matters such as information about the games, schedules, suggestions to sightseeing in Aarhus and lost items.

The official T-shirt can also be bought here.

You can pay with or exchange foreign currency at the Secretariat. But we do advice you to exchange currency into Danish Kroner before you arrive.

Denmark is not part of the Euro.


The Secretariat and main venue is located at:

Vejlby Risskov Idrætscenter (Sportscenter), Vejlby Centervej 51-53, 8240 Risskov

Courts are also located at:

Ellevangskolen, Jellebakken 17, 8240 Risskov

Egå Gymnasium, Mejlbyvej 4, 8250 Egå

Vorrevangskolen, Vorregårds alle 109, 8200 Aarhus N

Christiansbjerghallen, Gøteborg Allé 9, 8200 Aarhus N

Local transportation

We advice you to use (also in English and German) to find the best possible local transport from the trainstation to the Sportscenter. Bus number 16 are leaving from Aarhus Central Station to Vejlby Idrætscenter - Vejlby Risskov Hallen. It takes approx. 20 minutes.

Shuttlebus during the Festival

Please note that the bus stop at the Sportscenter is at Tranekærvej, just down the stairs to the right from the main entrance at gym 1/Sportscenter.

Details have been mailed to coaches and managers.

Please note that the last bus Saturday from the schools is at 09.00! No further transportation will be provided.

First Aid

Physiotherapist/medical service will be on hand at the Secretariat all through the Festival.

Ice (bags with ice cubes) can be picked up at the Secretariat. 

Important phone numbers

  • Secretariat “on call phone” +45 61 40 98 67
  • The local Police +45 87 31 14 48
  • 24-h medical emergency/Doctor +45 70 11 31 31
  • Dental emergency +45 40 51 51 62
  • Alarm (Police, Ambulance and Fire) 112

Lost Cup Cards

If you lose your Cup Card/Cup Card Pro, you may buy a new one at the secretariat.

The cost is DKK 500,- on the Thursday and DKK 300,- on the Friday.

Cup Card Minus cost DKK 200,- on the Thursday and DKK 100,- on the Friday.

Change of currencies

Denmark does not use the Euro, and the Danish currency is the Danish Kroner (DKK). Change of currencies can be done at the secretariat. But we do advice that you change your currency before arriving to the Festival. There can only be paid with Danish Kroner in the kiosks.


Festival T-shirts

You can purchase the official 2022 Aarhus Basketball Festival T-shirts in the main kiosk (Hal 1) and at the secretariat. The price is DKK 150,-. You can pay in foreign currency at the secretariat.

Luggage Storage

On Saturday, accommodations must be cleared out by no later than 9:00. That way we have time to check the facilities. Therefore, all luggage and belongings must be taken with you to the Sportscenter. Feel free to use the shuttle service.

Please ensure that all luggage is placed upstairs on the balcony/entrance area in Hal 1. Signs will be posted. Luggage must not be placed in hallways or in front of fire exits. Storage of luggage is done at your own responsibility.


Teams or participants who cancel their participation, after the payment deadline (March 7th 2022) will be charged DKK 350,- per cancelled participant. Team Fee will not be refunded.


There is free WIFI at the Sportscenter. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer WIFI at the schools. The schools are no longer allowed to offer access to guests at the school. We are sorry for this inconvenience.



The main kiosk is located in Hal 1.

In the kiosk you can buy sandwich, toast, soda, hotdogs, candy, water, fruit etc.

Opening hours for the kiosk: (Times are subject to change).

Wednesday 17.00 - 22.00

Thursday 09.00 - 22.00

Friday 09.00 - 22.00

Saturday 09.00 - 14.00

There is also a small stand at the Ellevangskolen and Vorrevangskolen. See opening hours at the school.

Purchase can only be done with Danish Kroner. Change of currencies can be done at the secretariat.



We do not supply balls for warm-up and practice. The teams are asked to bring their own balls for this purpose. Basketballs CAN NOT be borrowed at the secretariat!


Medals and prizes will be handed out as follows:

  1. Place: Team cup, medals and T-shirts
  2. Place: Team cup and medals
  3. Place: Team cup and medals

Winner of the B-finale: Team cup and medals

Please note that there are only medals and T-shirts for 12 players and 2 coaches for each finalist teams.

Prize ceremony

Ceremony involves winners of 1, 2, 3. place and the winner of the B-finals. The ceremony is directly after the A-final in each age group. Coaches and managers are advice to ensure that relevant teams are present directly after the A-final.

Most Valuable Player

MVP will be elected by Bakken Bears players. The MVP will get a prize.

Lost items

We will collect the lost items found and keep them for 14 days. After that they are given to the Danish Red Cross. Inquiries regarding lost items can be done to the secretariat during the Festival or to after the Festival has ended.

Fair play

We call on everyone to engage in fair play. Separate information is sent out to coaches and managers.

Aarhus Basketball Festival reserves the right to expel persons who display threatening or annoying behavior.