The tournament committee has the right to expel teams which do not follow the regulations.


· The rules posted in the facilities used by Aarhus Basketball Festival must be followed.
· Littering is forbidden. Use wastebaskets and trash bags. Keep everything neat and clean.
Use the available cleaners.
· It is absolutely forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages or use any other illegal substances in any building or surrounding facilities used by Aarhus Basketball Festival.
· Smoking is not permitted in any building or facilities used by Aarhus Basketball Festival.
· Don’t leave valuables at your living quarters. Organizers take no responsibility for lost items.
· Clubs are financially liable for damages coursed by their participants.
· Every leader is responsible for his group’s behavior and decides when his or her young people should be in their designated classroom. Anyone out after 23.00 is requested to be quiet upon returning to the living quarters and to lay down without turning on the lights.
· Participants must follow instructions and orders from Aarhus Basketball Festival officials.
· Theft of any kind will be reported to the Police.
· Failure to follow the rules can result in exclusion from the tournament or requirement of individuals to be sent home from the tournament. Any such measure will have to be covered by the individual themselves.
· Every team must bring at least one (1) responsible adult who will inform the participants about these rules. Failure to bring one adult (18 years or older) can result in exclusion of the team from the tournament.