Come to these mini coach clinics with fellow Festival coaches and representatives from the Bears Organisation (Skovbakken Bears, Bears Academy, Bakken Bears) to learn/exchange experiences and tips/tricks. 

Coach clinic with Mads Sigersted: "A Bears Academy angle on the development of youth basketball and talent" 

- Focus on tempo and fundamentals

This clinic will be held on Thursday, 28.03.24 at 12:00 in Cafe Upstairs (at the entrance to halls 2+3+4, up the stairs) 

Duration: 1 hour

Mads Sigersted is a familiar face in Danish basketball. The former Bakken Bears player and head coach now works as the club's talent manager and development coach. Before the season, he was appointed co-head coach for the Bears Academy team, which also plays in the Basketligaen this season.

As talent manager and development coach, Mads is also responsible for Bears Academy's U19 team and ESAA, Aarhus Municipality's talent development programme. Here, he is responsible for working with the greatest talents from partner clubs so that they can develop as best as possible and hopefully represent Bakken Bears in the future.

Coach clinic with Anders Sommer: "Offense in youth basketball: Structure or chaos?" 

- BONUS: Bears behind the scenes

This clinic will be held on Friday, 29.03.24 17.00, in the Bears Lounge. The meeting point is at the Sekretariat in Hal 1, and you will be escorted to the lounge. 

Duration: 1 hour

Anders Sommer is the head coach of Bakken Bears. He joined the club in November 2019, serving as an assistant coach for the team until June 2021, when he was named head coach. 

Anders Sommer grew up in Værløse Basketball Club, where he, among other things, was head coach from 2016 to 2018. Anders Sommer has also been an assistant coach for the men's national team and has a lot of experience as a Danish youth national coach, where he, among other things, won the men's U16 EC. 

With Anders Sommer, the club has continued the unbroken string of championships from Steffen Wich's time and has experienced success in Europe, including a semi-final in the FIBA Europe Cup and qualification for the Basketball Champions League. In Sommer's first season as head coach, he was named Coach of the Year in Basketligaen.