Aarhus Basketball Festival is committed to a fair play environment. Please follow, and play by the below-listed rules. 

We encourage and enforce the following:

  • § We speak positively to and about each other
  • § We encourage all players in both ups and downs
  • § We respect the coach's management of the team
  • § We respect the decisions of referees
  • § We respect the work of officials
  • § We applaud each other when the match is over
  • § Players and coaches shake hands when the match is over

To parents and other spectators:

  • § Show up for the games - your child will appreciate it
  • § Keep calm on the sidelines - let the children play
  • § Keep an appropriate distance from referees, coaches, the official table and players 
  • § Respect the coach's decisions - be positive and supportive
  • § Respect the referee's decisions - look to the referee as a guide
  • § Create a good atmosphere at the matches
  • § Remember, your child is playing basketball - not you.