All the finals will be played on Saturday in Vejlby-Risskov Hallen gyms. A final is played for both the winner playoffs and the consolation playoffs.

Team Prizes

Medals and prizes will be handed out as follows in all age groups (A & B groups):
1. Place: Team cup, medals and T-shirts
2. Place: Team cup and medals
3. Place: Team cup and medals
Winner of the consolation final: Team cup and medals

Please note that there are medals and t-shirts for a maximum of 12 players and 2 coaches.

Prize Ceremony

The Ceremony is in Hal 1 directly after the Championship Final in each class if nothing else is announced. The program for the ceremony will be posted no later than Friday evening. Coaches and managers are advised to ensure that relevant teams are present at the time of the ceremony.

Individual Finals Awards

There will be awards in each final.

Fair Play Awards

The Festival values fair play behaviour, so each year, we attribute teams that articulate particular fair treatment of other teams, staff, team-mates or spectators.