As the final whistle of Thursday's last match echoes through Hal 3 at Vejlby-Risskov Hallen at 20:00, the court transforms into a vibrant battleground where coaches, team managers, referees, festival staff, and parents for that matter, shed their official roles. It's time for an electrifying session of pick-up games, a spectacular showcase of fancy footwork, dazzling dribbles, and friendly rivalry. 

Here, amidst the echoes of the youth games and spirit of the festival, everyone gets a chance to flaunt their signature moves, mingle with folks from rival clubs, and immerse themselves in the sheer joy of the game. Let the games begin, and may the night be filled with unforgettable moments of sportsmanship and fun!

The games will be self-organized. Bring shoes, shorts and the necessary aids and accessories. We encourage Fair Play and Good Fun. 

  • Time: Thursday 28/3, 20.00 - 22.00
  • Place: Hal 3, VRH
  • Free for all. Sign-up is not required.
  • Participation is not for Festival Players.