Q: Where can I find lost items? 
A:  We will collect the lost items found and keep them for 14 days. After that, they are given to the Danish Red Cross. Inquiries regarding lost items can be made to the secretariat during the Festival or by mail after the Festival has ended.

Q: Can we get basketballs  for warm-up?
We do not supply balls for warm-up and practice. The teams are asked to bring their own balls for this purpose. 

Q: Where can I buy candy and snacks?
A: There is a large kiosk at Vejlby-Risskov Hallen 1, and you can find kiosk-stands at the larger venues and schools. 

Q: Can I get a refund?
Teams or participants who cancel their participation after the payment deadline (Feb 15th, 2024) will be charged DKK 400, —  per cancelled participant. Team Fees will not be refunded.

Q: Where can we store our l uggage?
On Saturday, accommodations must be cleared no later than 9:00 so that  we have time to check the facilities. Therefore, all luggage and belongings must be taken with you to the Vejlby-Risskov Idrætscenter. Feel free to use the shuttle service.  Please ensure that all luggage is placed upstairs on the balcony/entrance area in Hal 1. Signs will be posted. Luggage must not be placed in hallways or in front of fire exits. Storage of luggage is at the participant's own risk.

Q: What if I'm injured?
Report to the medical service at the Secretariat. They can always tell you what to do.

Q: What currency can I use to pay?
All kiosks/stands will be accepting Danish Kroner DKK. No currency change is possible at the Festival. We accept most international debit/credit cards at the Secretariat. MobilePay is also available.